Christina Heaston

I am such an idiot.

Posted in Uncategorized by christinaheaston on July 15, 2008

Last week I am going through my key ring and find an unfamiliar key.  I assume it’s an old house key or I don’t even know what I thought. i just knew it wasn’t mine and i didn’t need.  So…I threw it away.  Because that’s what i do! I throw things away!  Seemed reasonable at the time.

Today I get to Jennifer’s house (Jennifer is a family friend.  I watch her son, Seth, a few days a week).  At the very beginning of the summer, Jennifer gave me her spare key…MONTHS AGO. I’ve had it. I’ve USED every single week since like MAY!   Until today.

In conclusion, Seth and I are sitting outside waiting for Jennifer (whom I haven’t shared the news with yet) to get home.  At least its a nice day out, right?  Oh wait-Its like 108 degrees.

In the meantime, I’ll practice saying “Oh, the reason why we are sitting out in the grass sweating is because…i thew away your house key.”


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