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Posted in Uncategorized by christinaheaston on June 10, 2009

I sat on the edge of the dock and splashed my feet in the water-you know I love that sound. I watched the sun disappear. I saw two turtles. I spent the evening in a book.

Michael urged me to borrow Annie Dillard’s For The Time Being months ago.  But i never got too deep in due to school and work and life and such.  But alas, i was given a second chance to enjoy.  Now, I only wish I hadn’t waited this long to breathe in every single word.

Sometimes I like to believe that things are placed into our lives at a certain time and if we don’t make time for them or if we chose to ignore them, there is still some sort of pull-desire if you will.

What if these desires are no longer meant to be neglected?

So you search them out, or perhaps they even find you? And you are given a second chance. I think sometimes its better this way-sometimes it’s better the second time. Because maybe you are ever so grateful to experience their beauty by the miracle of grace or fate or possibly your own will if you choose to go after it.

And no, I’m not talking about books anymore.

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  1. Rachel Halsey said, on June 10, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    oh how i love you and the way you write… and your infinite honesty. your life is beautiful and will continue to be with the way things are going. every decision you make is just that – a decision. and you will find peace in only the right ones. and you will always have a friend in me (i think that’s a song, huh?) and you can always bounce your thoughts and cares and worries off of me… and in the end, i will always support whatever you decide.
    oh wait… we’re not still talking about what you decide to read next?? iloveyou ❤

  2. jmcdougall said, on June 11, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    i love your backyard.

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