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Yesterday I shot Yong & Bethany’s (remember them?) beautiful wedding. There is no way I can wait until I’m done with all of their photos to show you the amazing cake topper they had:

Bethany ordered it off Etsy and had the little birdies custom made to match her and Yong. omg.

It made me want to get married just so I could have a Christina birdie…not that I think you you need to be married to be a bird. Because I don’t think that at all.

Okay, more photos from Bethany & Yong soon(ish.)

-lonely bird


Mug of Tea.

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It’s backwards-but it’s true.
It is, in fact, a mug of tea.
It’s morning and my hair is amazing(ly huge).
I completely underestimated the importance of 8 hours of sleep.
I had a really rough day yesterday. Here, why don’t I tell you about it?

It all started about a month ago…

(switch into my “month ago voice”)

I wanted to be good at something that I’m not good at. (Story of my life).  I wanted to plant a garden and give people advice about how to make their garden grow and brag about my skillz (Yes, you read that right.)  My tomato  plant (Tom) died yesterday…well, that’s not true. He’s been dying for the past few weeks. I never even planted him. He died right there on the kitchen counter. So yesterday, I arranged a quick memorial service in the backyard and buried him in the ground.  Ironic? I thought so too.

RIP Tom.

I promise I was going to plant you THIS weekend. Here’s to all the mornings I saw you but chose not to water you.

*Just realized I don’t look all that sad in the photos above… that’s because I have trouble showing emotion.  I am terribly upset. Send flowers. Daisies are my Tom’s favorite.*

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He’s a babe.


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Lake Murray, SC

Marlboro Lights- part 2.

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If I sit on your bed and say all the right things.
If I open my eyes a little bit wider.
If I remember your middle name, favorite band, and what you wore the day we met.
If I ever measure up to the person I’ve been trying so hard to become.
If I ever realize I’m just like everyone else.
If I read every single book you suggest.
If I am comforted by your familiar awkwardness.
If I spend all my money on plane tickets and red wine.
If I laugh until I cry.
If I kiss on the second date.
If I tell you how I feel and don’t end it with a question mark.
If I open up my life.
If I repair relationships.
If I ask forgiveness.
If I trust my gut, more affectionately named the Holy Spirit.
If I lay on my dock and enjoy the sounds of the cicadas and the occasional boat.
If I experience a mutual understanding of life with someone.
If I am in the right moment at the right place with the right people.
If I am sipping hot tea and listening to the avett brothers.
If I smile non-stop and wave at strangers.
If I take more photos and read more and quote more and cook more and live more.
If I move to Hong Kong oh a whim.
If I want something more intense than that.
If I am assertive-if I made plans.
If I know the feeling.
If I am comfortable with where I am and don’t feel the need to control every single area of my life.
If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames.

but have not love,

I gain nothing.

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What are you reading?

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What we’re reading, or listening to, or rather, what we’re getting into lately is in some sense the most profound question we can ask each other. It’s all seamlessly related to the question of how we’re doing, and what it is that has hold of us, and how our passions might be channeled in a redemptive direction (and be good for something) rather than being tossed to and fro by the powers of passionate distraction.
—David Dark, The Sacredness of Questioning Everything


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I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.
-Jack Kerouac

Charlotte, NC

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currently enjoying:

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Stitcher Radio:
I’m a late bloomer to Stitcher but I am definitely making up for lost time. I don’t even listen to music anymore-it’s getting pretty bad. Borderline idolatry for sure.  Borderline, who am I kidding? It’s all i think about.

I wake up like “I should call mom…it is mothers day”- then I’m like “but there’s sooooo much radio to be heard.”

Cheesy girls:
My absolute FAVORITE thing to hear a girl quote:
“a woman’s heart must be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him in order to find her.”

I wish Jesus was sitting next to me and I would give him a subtle elbow to the side…but then I would lose control and we would both just die laughing.  And then he would come back to life.

Alone Time:
Sometimes you just NEED it,  usually when you can’t have it. But, it’s so so important. Plus,  I like myself better than I like anyone else…

Packing? But Christina, why are you packing? You hate packing.


Well… I just love them. Always have…always will…which technically disqualifies them for my “currently” enjoying list… But it’s my list. And I do what I want.  And I want to go pack…alone…listening to stitcher radio…

It happens.

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You know how sometimes you are dancing…but then you just want to grab a lady’s leg and bring her down?

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