Christina Heaston


Posted in Uncategorized by christinaheaston on November 26, 2010

Thank you for friends who drive from Cincinnati and share day-before-thanksgiving sushi with me. Thank you for a sweet precious little niece who puts stickers all over her face.

Thank you Lord for apples to apples -for a competitive and hilarious family and parents who are on the same team.

Thank you for a mom and sisters and aunts and cousins who cook better than I do. For a grandpa to take Thanksgiving day naps with and another grandpa who brings a shotgun out after dinner. Thank you for two Thanksgivings in one day.

Thank you Lord for old photo albums. For photos of my parents holding hands when pregnant with my oldest sister. For proof that I’ve been karaoking since a child. For homemade cheesecake and for cherries.

Thank you Lord for Thanksgiving day walks from my parents house to my grandparents house. Thank you for friends and dogs who want to spend their Thanksgiving with me.

Thank you Lord for a yard to play football in (thank you for Audio Adrenaline flashbacks). Thank you for shoulders to put little Ava on. Thank you for uncles who wear overalls. Thank you for a boyfriend who fixes my iphone, my computer, my external drive, and my headlights (not pictured). Thank you for a family who loves me and makes me laugh.

For your goodness and your mercy. Thanks for that.


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