Christina Heaston


Posted in Uncategorized by christinaheaston on December 25, 2009

This Christmas, I used old book pages to wrap my  gifts…well, some of them atleast. I got into the Christmas spirit early this year and wrapped these at the beginning of December. I had a good start on the season. But December got away from me and I was at Target on Christmas Eve and “wrapped” (threw in a gift bag) the remainder of my gifts not Christmas Eve-but Christmas MORNING!

Don’t judge me.

This was kind of a time consuming process…I think I will save it for birthdays.  When you have 2 parents, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, a brother in law, and a niece, time finds itself being consumed in other ways… like gift bags!

Acts 20:35. I have decided that this verse becomes more and more real the older I get.