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I really miss your blueberry pancakes.

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We were laying on the dock again.  This time just our bodies against the wood staring at the dark sky. I have decided  its imperative that I learn at least most of the major constellations by the end of July. Come over and lay with me in August…be amazed.  Conversations on this dock can quickly shift from stars to hair to trees to water to tomorrow to forever to bugs to boys:

Me: Whats that sound?
Jessica: Cicadas. It’s their mating call. The male cicadas are calling on the females…that’s the way it should be. I wish boys were more like cicadas.

I hear the cicadas every single night-but tonight, I will listen in a new way.

Friday Night.

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I did something that I’ve never done before:

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About midnight on Friday night, Rachel and I drug this air mattress down to the dock because, why not?

We fell asleep under the stars while we listened to the water splash against the bank. (I know-it was a pretty romantic weekend!)
On Saturday morning we woke up with sun. I’ve never been so excited to wake up. It was the most beautiful experience-and I’m not just saying that.  There is something so refreshing about 7am. About waking up outdoors. About crossing one more thing off your before-i-die-to-do-list.  About walking outside barefoot-or finishing a really good book! Refreshing like eating fresh blueberries over the kitchen sink. There is just something so refreshing about being still.

If you can’t tell, Saturday morning, I had one of those wonderful moments that are few and far between, where I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Thank you.


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There are some people you connect with. Instantly. As there are some you don’t. Ever. Then there are those- those  people. The people  you don’t connect with-and it makes you crazy because you know you should. So you force it because you have a mutual impulse to connect-which may, in itself, be some sort of connection. I do not know.

But I do know that we, as humans, have a deeply spiritual need to connect.  To make beautiful and dynamic connections that make us feel alive again-or possibly bring us to life for the first time. Connections that are not static, but active and mobile-connections that will not be lost.  These connections do exist.

Find them.

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These are some photographs I took last fall- Thanksgiving Day I believe.
I’ve put some of these up before, but I came across them last night and they inspired me.
I realized that it’s been almost a year since I’ve shot with film.
What a mistake!

Going out to buy film-right now!

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May In June

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This is May. I apologize for the delay. Download immediately!

Side A.
Side B.

May Cover

Barefoot love.

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Isn’t it refreshing to have friends who can spark the pulse of your heart in simple everyday conversations?  I won’t forget the way the water came in over our feet and over our bodies. It washed away everything-except our chance to begin again. This time will be different. This time we will live in an out-of the box kind of way. When we do finally  love, it will be in a barefoot sort of way. Not clean cut or by the book. Because its more real this way-and we like real things. Things like wine and paper and hands and october. And in those moments when we feel like all we can do is keep breathing, we will find enthusiasm and pleasure in the details of life.

Because let’s face it, We were created for this.

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Micah 6:8

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I have shown you what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly, to love mercifully,
and to walk humbly with your God.

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This past Sunday at my new church here in Lexington, I met my moms college roommate!
Crazy, I know.
More crazy, this morning when I get to work,
she has sent me an e-mail about my mom and this picture:

Joanna - CFA - Belton

This is my mom and her kindergarten class.
(Notice they are all boys…I dont know the story on that yet.)
I just love my mom’s dress.
I should also mention, the little blonde boy on the left is my cousin Charlie!

So, this morning I decided I will be that friend to you.
In 30 years, I will be sending pictures of you when you were younger to your kids.
Pictures of us at graduation, or you on your 21st birthday, or when you would come visit me at the lake, or that time we skipped school and went to California for the weekend, or our train ride to New York, or us at Fripp Island, or that night we drove to Nashville to get dinner, or just going to shows and laying in the grass…oh yeah, and that picture of you and Nate:)


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October will keep us alive. I am sure of it.

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